Contract Pricing features

March 27, 2012 in Accounts Receivable,Release 9.3

A new sub-menu has been added to cover three new functions that assist users with the updating of Contract Prices already held in the system. The functions added are:

  • Calculate new Contract Prices
  • Review/Report on new Contract Prices
  • Confirm/apply new Contract Prices

Using the three new functions users can keep their contract prices “current” so that the creep of cost of sales increases doesn’t erode the contribution (Margin/Mark-up).


ContractPrice-CalculateAs shown above, this function allows you to choose the items with contract prices that you want to re-ContractPrice-Calculate2calculate. It prompts for a pricing factor to adjust the existing prices with, and also allows a new contract start and end date to be applied to the newly calculated contract prices. Items can be omitted from the calculation run with the use of the standard OA include/exclude tool prior to getting the system to calculate the new contract prices based on the factor provided as per sample.


Run the “Revised Contract Price List” report to check the details of the new Contract Prices that have been calculated.



Once you’re happy with the Contract Prices shown on the “Review” report above it’s simply a matter of running the “Apply” function below. It couldn’t be easier!


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