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August 16, 2015 in System Manager


Specific documents (stationery forms) within Online Advantage can be sent to predefined printer queues to save the user constantly needing to re-select the destination printer through the course of their days processing. This is essential given the variety of documents/forms that Online Advantage produces. In a multi-user environment where there are many printers available on the network, this feature allows users to direct the forms output from multiple sources to a variety of different printers without having to change and select the printer destination each time.

This routine is used to nominate default printers for pre-printed stationery (documents) across the whole of an Online Advantage working system. For example, in the Accounts Payable office, you may have a dedicated cheque printer that always holds pre-printed cheque stationery, in the Accounts Receivable office you may have a printer containing letterhead for Invoices and in the Warehouse you may have a printer with plain paper or “special” coloured paper for Picking Dockets. With the Standard Special Forms function, you can set up which printer to use for each document.

Additionally, special form queues can be established as an override to these global form queues for each individual user on the system. This means that if you have some users who print stationery to a different printer to the majority of other users, then that printer can be defined for that user only. This routine is used to add or maintain the global default special standard form queue settings for all the system. To set up Standard Special Forms Queues for a user, use the User Details function.

Data Input


Step 1 – Standard Special Form Queue

The list of documents and the associated printers (Form Queues) that are already set up are displayed in a list. Click the delete icon in the grid to delete an item from the list. This will mean the user has to select the printer destination – no default printer will be provided when the document printing option is given. To add a document and printer, enter the details and click Add.

Special Form

Select the special form code from the list. Any one or all of the available documents can have a nominated printer assigned to it. Note that this is a finite list as these particular routines have been adjusted to perform the necessary checks to reassign to the nominated printer. If an additional document is required on the list, software changes need to be made to include it. Note that all other printing in Online Advantage will be directed to the users default printer queue in Online.

The End Of Day special form is an exception in this list. When you set up a printer to be used for EOD, it is the output destination for the End of Day reports – not for any particular stationery document. If you are running Statements (for example) with End of Month, then the Statement form should be added to the list along with the dedicated statement printer queue.

Special Form Queue

Select the appropriate Online Advantage printer queue. This is the print queue that Online Advantage will default all output for this form queue type according to user. Print queues are established by the System Administrator so make a request if you require an additional printer added to the list.

Force Printing

Select whether you wish to force printing of the document to the print queue selected. With Force Printing set, the user will not be given an option to override the printer destination set up here. The document will go straight to the printer as set up on the list. This is the only way to ensure that a given document/form is always sent to the nominate printer.
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