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March 19, 2013 in Job Costing,Operations,Release 9.4

The Job Costing system is one of the last of the Online Advantage modules to be re-developed as a browser based application because it relies so heavily on all the other modules and ledgers in OA that they all needed to be finished before Job Costing could be effectively used. We’re very pleased to be able to release this module for the browser system. It is one of the larger and more complex systems in Online, partly due to the many interfaces it has to the other modules and ledgers. It is also one of the more powerful modules, especially for those customers doing project based work, whether that be internal project or external jobs for clients.

We now have the complete range of functions for Job Costing users available including all related setup, processing and display and reporting functions. A full list of the all the new functions available appears HERE. Below we have provided some highlights from the new Job Costing module to give you a feel for the functionality and abilities of this system:

Job Cost Setup


Job Processing & Entry






Job Invoicing



Job Displays & Reports


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