Address Entry and Format

July 22, 2015 in Library,System Manager

Address Entry

Throughout Online Advantage you will find a consistent format for entering addresses. Each address component is stored individually which makes it easy to export address data to spread sheets and xml files.


Country is the first selection in the address because it determines the format of the remainder of the address. For example, country determines the wording for ‘state’ and ‘postcode’, whether postcode is validated, and the link to search for post codes. If you do not see the country you need, you may need to flag the country as ‘active’. (See related topic: Countries).

Where an address is mandatory input (Customer’s postal address for example), the country code is defaulted from the company default country. If an address is non-mandatory (e.g. Customer’s delivery or statement address) then no country is defaulted.

Address 1

Enter the 1st line of address. There must be at least 1 line of address, so this input is mandatory.

Address 2

Enter the 2nd line of address only if required.

Address 3

Enter the 3rd line of address only if required.


Enter the city. As you type, cities matching the text you have typed so far appear in a list with corresponding state and postcode. You can select from the list to ‘auto fill’ the remainder of the address inputs. This type ahead search function is only available if the country is set to validate postcodes. If you enter postcode first, then towns entered against that postcode are shown in a list for selection.


Enter the postcode. You can search for an existing postcode using the search option. Once you enter a postcode, a list of cities entered against the postcode are available for selection in the city input. This is only available if the country is set to validate postcodes.


Select the state. The list of available states is set up in the country details.

Postcode Finder

The wording for this link may vary. Click the link to go to the web site for the countries mail service to search for a postcode. The link is set up in the country details.

Address format for stationery

When printing addresses on stationery, the address components are put together in the following format:

Address line 1
Address line 2
Address line 3
City State Postcode
Country Code

If there is no 2nd or 3rd line of address no blank line is printed. Country Code is only printed by the system if it is different to the “home” or local country you have set as your “default” country. You may optionally print the country name instead of the country code for local addresses by selecting the option in the Company Name and Address Details.

Note: foreign addresses always print the country name regardless of this setting.


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