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January 24, 2012 in Library

Special SalesThe Order Processing system allows users to nominate that a particular sales line item is a “Special” sale during Order entry, editing and despatch. An example of this is highlighted in the screen shot included.

The term ‘special’ is entirely up to each organisation to define, interpret and administer. The rules for when a transaction is a ‘special’ are determined by internal policy. What is important to understand is that using this ‘flag’ allows you to isolate these transactions separately in the Sales Analysis system so that special sales can be excluded from normal sales activity.

User Sales - SpecialsIt may be that a one-off sales transaction has occurred at a price quite different to the normal price or that the quantity of this one-off sales transaction is so great that it is appropriate that the transaction be separated from orders classed as normal sales activity. What it specifically means is that the Sales Analysis system will record and if required, allow you to report on “Special” sales figures separately to other “Normal” sales activity as shown.

The other implications relating to the nomination of special sales are related to the replenishment system and whether or not special sales are counted as part of the normal usage of a product and therefore will need to be considered when replenishing that product. As part of the creating of forecast plans you can determine if ‘special’ sales transactions are considered in your demand for product which is then used to forecast future demand.

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