Adding Sizes and Colours to a Product

September 22, 2016 in Frequently Asked Questions,Inventory Control

Some care must be taken when adding sizes or colours to a product that already exists in the system and has stock or transaction history recorded against it. Once you add size or colour to such products, you can no longer access the information that was recorded when the product had no size or colour as there is no ‘no size’ or ‘no colour’ option in the products lists of sizes and colours.

By adding Sizes and Colours to an existing product that is already in use, you have changed the very nature of the product itself. The use of Sizes or Colours changes the point at which Inventory Control takes place. A product with Sizes and/or Colours holds quantities at a cost at the lowest level.

In other words, you need to be careful when setting up products in the first place. Adding Sizes and Colours later on causes issues as described above.

If this situation occurs, use the Product Transfer function. Product Transfer is designed to allow you to change the nature of a product, its sizes or colours and merge products. It moves all the transactions, history and inventory values and costs as part of the transfer. This way you can transfer all the details for the Non-Sizes or Non-Coloured product to one of the new sizes or colours. If you then need to separate some of the quantity to another colour you can do that as a separate transaction using Stock Issues/Receipts.

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