Draft 9.5 release updates

April 16, 2020 in Library

Pending release April, 2021: version 9.5.10xx.1 Online Advantage application

RFQ Reports – split reports into two menu items: All RFQs and Outstanding RFQs.

New Purchasing Report – Supplier Purchase History by Year shows items bought from the nominated supplier and the ex-tax value of those items per year for the last 4 years.

EOD Reports – help posts are now available on EOD reports: Creditors Discount Due report and Deleted Orders report.

Other Charges – some new features have been added to the Sales Order facility to add charges/items to sales orders based on certain criteria:

  • you can now set up Other Charges for a specific customer. This allows you to tailor charges for customers who have requirements outside the box
  • you can now set up a material item to be ‘charged’. This could be used in a ‘buy this item, also get this item free’ type scenario

Company Details – new fields have been added to store branch specific information required by Carriers to produce Labels, Consignment Notes and Manifests.

Packing & Packaging – a few changes have been made in this area including:

Standard Packing

  • you can now link standard packing information to a Product Code, which opens up possibilities for getting weights of packaging, dimensions and tracking packaging items in stock.
  • you can now enter a list of ‘other packaging products’. These are packaging items that are used for packing (like shrink wrap, foam filling etc.) that you don’t actually pack things ‘into’.

Product Details – Packaging

  • new fields have been added to capture a product’s (or a packaging item’s) dimensions i.e. Height, Depth and Width. These can be used to calculate cubic weight for shipping documents.
  • a new option has been added for expanding the content of kits into packing.
  • you can now enter a list of packing options for a product to be packed in, and the capacity of the pack for that item.

Packing ‘Auto Build’

  • a new Packing Input Method (‘Build’) has been added to System Option in the Sales Order area. With this option selected, when entering consignment packing information and clicking the ‘Line Item Packing’ option, each product is ‘packed’ into the packaging container defined in Product Details. If the product has no package defined, it is added to a list of ‘unallocated to packs’ items. If the quantity sold does not fit into any of the packs defined for the product, it is allocated to an ‘OVERSIZE’ pack for manual adjustment. If the product has only one pack defined, the quantity may be allocated to several packs of the same container depending on the container’s capacity for that product.

Adjust Packing

  • to help with maintaining Separation of Duties, a new function has been added to the Order Processing function that allows you to adjust only the consignment/packing information of a sales order..

Pending release April, 2021: version 9.5.1012.1 Online Advantage application

EOD Reports – help posts are now available on EOD reports: Interest Charged and Masterfile Audit.

Sales Order Entry

  • Cash Sale Name can now be entered on a Sales Order.
  • Now updating audit log of changes to Sales Order ‘header’ information (things like customer code, total value, address). Note: line item information changes to fields such as quantity, price, line notes is not audit logged.
  • A new Order Display has been added, creatively named ‘Order Audit’ which can be used to see a history of changes on a Sales Order. Note: data is not available retrospective of the date this update is applied.
  • Deletion Reasons have been combined with back order deletion reasons and new types have been added to include Quotes, Drafts and Transfers. This gives users a choice of deletion reasons relevant to the type of order being deleted (e.g. “Lost on Price” for Quotes, or “Sourced Elsewhere” for Back Orders) as well as avoiding having to enter common reasons (like Entry Error) twice.

System Options – added input for Default Bank in Cash section. Default Bank is used for collecting payments in E-commerce or Sales Order Entry.

Job Costing Displays– added column total to the Outstanding Purchases & Shipments display.

Inventory Displays – added location name for transfers to the All Pending Transactions display.

Accounts Payable Displays – added payment reference to transaction displays.

Cancel Payments – when cancelling payment for a Customer Refund, the Refund on the Debtors Ledger is now offset with the Cancellation.

Carrier Contacts – contacts have been added to Carrier Details so you can maintain contact details for Carriers.

Pending release April, 2021: version 9.5.995.1 Online Advantage application

Manual Payments – the ‘select items to pay’ feature within the Manual Payments function now includes discount when calculating the total payment.

Outstanding Invoices – shortened the email subject line when emailing multiple invoice copies and made improvements to cursor focus in this function.

E-commerce options – when a B2B or B2C order is placed, an Order Confirmation is emailed to the customer (and optionally your Rep or Branch). The subject and body text of these emails is configurable, and the E-commerce Options function has been updated to allow entry of the email wording.

Asset Display – added a new Asset Activity Audit display to the Assets Displays menus.

Banking terms – the term ‘Transfer Receipt’ has been changed to ‘EFT Receipt’ and ‘Bank Transfer’ changed to ‘EFT Payment’. These changes will be seen when setting up Tender Types and in Bank Reconciliation. This is a change to terminology only – no functionality has been changed.

Upload Journals – this function now updates your recent list of journals, so if you upload a journal and then want to edit it in the Manual Journal Entry function, the journal is on the list for easy, quick access.

Suppliers – you can now enter multiple ‘pick up’ addresses against Suppliers. When you enter a Purchase Order and choose a ‘Pick Up’ delivery method, you can choose the supplier address to pick up your purchased items from. Purchase Order docket shows the wording ‘Pick up from:’ followed by the nominated Supplier’s address.

Data Audit – no longer including changes to activity details in the Master File Audit reporting.

Carrier – new fields added for Consignment Note Prefix and Carrier Service code (e.g. Australia Post – Express post service).

Supplier Price Imports – colour has now been added to the list of available fields for supplier price imports. Although colour is not part of the price structure (product prices are set per size) the colour is used to match a Supplier’s Identification Number to the Product Code in your database.

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