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April 8, 2013 in Frequently Asked Questions,System Manager

Online Advantage is a browser based application which uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as the “client” application. This means that the system is accessed for all functions using IE as the software application running on the client device (a PC, tablet, terminal server session, thin client device etc). Currently there are three main versions of Internet Explorer available and in use as follows:

  • Version 8 (IE8)
  • Version 9 (IE9)
  • Version 10 (IE10)
  • Version 11 (IE11)

In order for all of OA to function properly there are certain settings that need to be configured in the browser to ensure it will perform appropriately when using the application. These settings are particularly important when using browser “plug-in” style applications from within OA such as the Cube, the Report Designer, and “Local” printing. These “plug-in” based features will not function at all unless changes are made to the browser as the default security settings on the browser will block them from launching on the client device.

It should also be noted that the new 64-bit version of Windows comes with IE operating in both 32-bit mode and 64-bit mode. Whilst OA will function as normal in 64-bit mode any of the plug-in applications (specifically the Cube and Accuterm) will NOT function on the 64-bit browser. They are 32-bit applications and not supported in the 64-Bit mode. It is best to use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer for OA so that all applications will run appropriately.

Below are links to PDF documents that describe how to set up browser for IE v8 and v9:

Internet Explorer 8 setup

Internet Explorer 9 setup

Internet Explorer v10 & v11

IEv10Microsoft are automatically upgrading Windows 7 computers with either the IE10 & IE11 browser currently if the “setting” to update automatically is turned on in IEv9. Since Microsoft are not maintaining all existing settings of the browser from the “existing” versions many users are experiencing difficulties running OA once they are up to IE10 or IE11. Therefore it is best to review all browser setting using the details here if you find yourself having difficulties with the application. To determine what version of the IE browser you have installed simply “About” menu option on “Help” menu item in IE as shown. Note that IE v11 does not support the user of the Accuterm terminal emulator as it blocks it from making a connection when running.



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