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June 15, 2016 in Order Management


This procedure is used to enter and print despatch labels and carrier consignment notes for orders being despatched. This can be for a single Customer Sales Order or Stock Transfer Order, or for a batch or ‘run’ of orders that you require labels and con notes to be printed for. This function can only be used for orders that are at the ‘Picking’ stage i.e. where stock has been allocated and a Picking Docket has already been produced from the system.

Note that label and consignment note entry can be performed in the Adjust Picking Dockets, Manual Despatch Dockets and Part Despatch Specified Orders functions on an order by order basis as you process each despatch. That approach will provide labels/consignment notes if you print each despatch/order as you go from the individual function, or in conjunction with the Print Invoices functions for ‘Picking Dockets’, ‘Manual Despatch Dockets’ and/or ‘Specified Orders’. However, should you not want to perform those functions for Picking Dockets, this facility is an alternative approach that can be used should you want to process in a batch of orders or if you require either the labels or consignment notes to be printed in advance of finalising the despatch of your orders.

Data Input


Step 1 – Select Run

Run Number

Release SymbolEnter the picking ‘run number’ you want to produce labels and consignment notes for. All the orders belonging to the run are loaded and can be updated or excluded as required.

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Step 2 – Order List

The orders that you require labels and/or consignment notes for are entered in this function in the form of a list. Each order is added onto the list one by one with the ‘consignment’ details you want to record entered as you go. You have the ability to go back and adjust/edit the consignment details held on each order at any point prior to submitting the details for updating.


Enter the ‘Docket’ Number you wish to enter & print labels and consignment notes for. The docket number is the Sales Order or Transfer Order number. The order must be at the Picking Docket stage in order to be available for use in this function.

Customer / Location

The Customer Name or Stock Location name (depending on whether the docket entered is a sale or transfer order) is displayed for verification.

Direct Delivery

Select this option if this order is a direct delivery. This only applies to stock transfer orders where you want to automatically create the stock transfer receipt at the time of despatch. Note that this option is not available where the stock receipt location is set up for multi-bin tracking.

No. Of Labels

You can enter the number of despatch labels you require printed for this order docket. The number of labels printed is usually equal (or greater) than the number of items (parcels) being despatched on the order. This allows you to affix a label to each item/parcel being sent to assist in checking that the goods are despatched correctly, and to assist the driver in the loading and unloading of the goods from the truck. The label details are also useful at the receiving destination to inform your customer (or branch warehouse) where the goods have been sent from, and what order number/invoice number they relate to.

Carrier Code

Enter the Carrier code, to be used for the docket. This is an optional entry but is required if you want the system to generate a consignment note print based on the settings of the carrier selected.

Consignment Note No

Enter the consignment note number from the for-mentioned carrier, that this order docket will be despatched on. If the Carrier is not set up to print consignment notes, then the entry of a consignment number is mandatory. If the carrier is set up for consignment printing, entry of a consignment note number here is optional as the system will allocate the next consignment number when printing the con note.

No. of Items

Enter the number of items/parcels that this order docket has on this despatch/consignment note.


Enter the weight of the items.  Note that the weight recorded is usually the gross weight i.e. the weight of the products being despatched and the weight of any packing items used.


Use the ‘Add’ button to place this docket and the details entered onto the list of order dockets you want to print labels/con notes for. You must use the ‘Add’ button or else you will lose the details entered for the docket being displayed. Once added to the list you should see the details for the order docket at the end of the list.

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Step 3 – Consignment Details/Packing

This step is available when clicking the ‘Packing’ button on a given order docket on the ‘Order List’.  The ‘Packing’ option provides a more detailed input of despatch details including the ability to enter ‘Line Item Packing’ details for a docket. Refer to Consignment Details for Order Entry for a full description of the options available at this step.

Finish step and links


After submitting the order docket details for saving, you will see some links for the following options:

  1. Print Labels and Consignment Notes – Use this link to print the Despatch Labels and any carrier Consignment Notes for the order dockets listed. A separate screen will be shown for each so that the printing can be directed to the appropriate destination.  Note if you do not use this link then no prints will occur.
  2. Enter new Label and Consignment Notes – this option allows the user to commence the entry of another ‘batch’ of order docket details for printing – it assumes you have first printed the labels and con notes from the previous list entered into the system.

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