The Asset Ledger module delivers all the power and control you need to consolidate your financial performance as you grow your business. In summary, it provides the following features:

Asset Register Asset Group Allocation Asset Location Tracking
Asset Revaluation Depreciation Forecast Asset Disposal Tool
Automatic Branch/Division Asset Allocation Asset Notes & Custom Data Depreciation Provision/Expense Posting

You can read an overview of the Asset Ledger system and its functions, features & benefits HERE.


Control Pointers

July 26, 2015 Accounts Payable

Purpose This routine is used to maintain various Control File General Ledger Chart of Account codes needed for the running of Online Advantage. These Control Pointers relate to the accounting postings that Online Advantage performs on the users behalf, without the need for the user to nominate one or both sides of the accounting entry. […]

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Setup Calendars and Debtors Aging

July 23, 2015 Accounts Payable

Purpose This function is used to set up and change the calendars used by the various ledgers in Online Advantage as well as the parameters for Debtors Ageing and related functions on the Debtors Ledger. The starting dates for the Fiscal Calendars for each ledger should be discussed with your Online Advantage Implementation Consultant or […]

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Asset Ledger

March 15, 2013 Asset Ledger

We have performed a complete re-working of the Asset Ledger module to transition it to a full browser based system covering in the process all the setup, processing, displays and reports as part of the project. Describing the improvements developed on every function that has been created here would be over-kill. So below we have […]

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