9.5 Post Release Features

February 22, 2022 Release 9.5

Whilst most features of a release are completed during our normal R&D cycle, we regularly add new features during the “life” of a release via patch updates. Usually because the feature is significantly beneficial to the majority of the users. Below is a summary of the new features added to this version. Something you’d like […]

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9.5 Release Summary

April 21, 2018 Release 9.5

The 9.5 Release of Online Advantage is a major new version with a long list of new features and improved functions for our customers to put to good use through the course of their daily activities. Below is a summary of the 9.5 Release highlights: End of Day Reporting We have completely overhauled the End of Day […]

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9.5 Minor Enhancements List

February 16, 2017 Release 9.5

As with previous releases of Online Advantage, the 9.5 Release includes a number of minor enhancements to the application designed to add to the functionality, speed, and ease of use of the system across many of the suites and modules. A summary of these changes is included below: ­ General Ledger Changed the date of […]

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9.4 Post Release Features

August 21, 2016 Release 9.4

Whilst most features of a release are completed as part of our normal R&D cycle in the development phase, we also add new features through the “life” of a release via patches from time to time. The reasons for this are varied, but it mostly comes down to a decision that the feature is significantly […]

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