The Point Of Sale (POS) module is designed to provide you with “retail” style functions for over the counter sales activities whilst still maintaining the strong interfaces with the Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management modules. In summary, it provides the following features:

Sales & Returns Dockets Laybys Special Orders
Gift Certificates Account Payments Petty Cash Vouchers
Till Control/Reconciliation Banking Bar Code scanning

You can read an overview of the Point Of Sale system and its functions, features & benefits HERE.


Tender Types

September 11, 2020 Accounts Receivable

Purpose This procedure is used to create or maintain the details of Tender Types available in the system.¬†Tender Types¬†are used to identify the various types of payments you would like to allow and track for receipts e.g. Cash, Card, Bank Transfer etc. Tender Types are primarily used in Debtors Receipt entry, during Point of Sale […]

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Control Pointers

July 26, 2015 Accounts Payable

Purpose This routine is used to maintain various Control File General Ledger Chart of Account codes needed for the running of Online Advantage. These Control Pointers relate to the accounting postings that Online Advantage performs on the users behalf, without the need for the user to nominate one or both sides of the accounting entry. […]

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Quantity Input

April 27, 2015 Inventory Control

Most Online Advantage Inventory transactions require the user to enter a product quantity. The entry of that quantity – and its associated data – can range from simple to complex. The degree of complexity is determined by how your business has decided to configure the system and the individual data elements like Products, Stock Locations, […]

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