The Job Costing module is a powerful project costing tool for monitoring the progress, productivity and profitability of each job you undertake. In summary, it provides the following features:

Job Sheet/Information Outstanding Job Purchases Labour Estimates/Actuals
Job Costs Estimates/Sell Prices Job Profitability Job Account Profitability
Job Tracking & History Job Notes & Status Invoicing/Credit functions

You can read an overview of the Job Costing system and its functions, features & benefits HERE.


Control Pointers

July 26, 2015 Accounts Payable

Purpose This routine is used to maintain various Control File General Ledger Chart of Account codes needed for the running of Online Advantage. These Control Pointers relate to the accounting postings that Online Advantage performs on the users behalf, without the need for the user to nominate one or both sides of the accounting entry. […]

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Account Posting

May 6, 2015 General Ledger

When processing some transactions the system requires that the user provide an “Account Posting” for one or both sides of the transaction. Effectively this is for double-entry accounting, being the “Debit” and/or “Credit” entries. More often than not the system knows both, or at least one side of the double-entry. When the system requires the […]

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Job Costing

March 19, 2013 Job Costing

The Job Costing system is one of the last of the Online Advantage modules to be re-developed as a browser based application because it relies so heavily on all the other modules and ledgers in OA that they all needed to be finished before Job Costing could be effectively used. We’re very pleased to be […]

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