Internet Explorer

Client Application Launcher

June 13, 2014 Reporting

There is a non-browser based software tool called the “Online Client Application Launcher” which is included in Online Advantage (OA) for two very specific uses as follows: Report “Layout” Designing Local Windows Printing The Client Application Launcher is installed as a separate software installation onto a Windows PC that needs to perform either of the […]

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Internet Explorer – Tabs

June 13, 2014 System Manager

The use of “Tabs” in later versions of Internet Explorer (IE) is a convenient way for users to get a more “complete” view of what they are doing in Online Advantage (OA). IE can be set to open new functions/pages in a Tab “window” rather than opening a completely new IE window each time you […]

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Internet Explorer – Trusted Sites Setup

May 30, 2014 System Manager

Online Advantage (OA) is a browser based application which uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as the “client” application. In order for all of OA to function properly the IP address or “domain name” you are using must be added to the list of “Trusted Sites” in IE to ensure it will perform appropriately when using […]

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