The Manufacturing module is an easy to use but comprehensive system for managing all components, assemblies and sub-assemblies used in simple to complex manufacturing processes. In summary, it provides the following features:

Multi-level Bill of Materials Indent Manufacture Work Order printing
Factory Floor instructions Material Requisitions Labour & Other Charges costing
Order Notes & Tracking Bar Coding/Label production Overheads Recoveries costing

You can read an overview of the Manufacturing system and its functions, features & benefits HERE.


Print additional Labels

April 9, 2019 Manufacturing

Purpose In case labels printed for Work Orders are damaged, this function is available to print additional labels. There are two additional label print options available – one for ‘Current’ Work Orders and one for ‘Completed’ Work Orders. Data Input ­ Step 1 – Work Order Number Work Order Number Enter the Work Order Number for […]

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Add Jobbing Product in Sales Item

May 1, 2016 Manufacturing

Purpose This option allows users to add ‘Jobbing Products’ to the system during Order Entry so that they can be ordered by a customer and processed through the system. Jobbing Products are custom manufactured products. Typically a variation on a standard manufactured product you are already making, but with changes to the requirement as specified […]

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Manufacturing details

August 23, 2015 Inventory Control

Purpose This routine is used to establish defaults for the manufacturing system relating to reporting and the establishment of products within the manufacturing and jobbing areas of the system. Data Input Step 1 – Manufacturing Details Material Variance % Enter a percentage to two decimal places that is used as a trigger to generate End […]

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Control Pointers

July 26, 2015 Accounts Payable

Purpose This routine is used to maintain various Control File General Ledger Chart of Account codes needed for the running of Online Advantage. These Control Pointers relate to the accounting postings that Online Advantage performs on the users behalf, without the need for the user to nominate one or both sides of the accounting entry. […]

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Account Posting

May 6, 2015 General Ledger

When processing some transactions the system requires that the user provide an “Account Posting” for one or both sides of the transaction. Effectively this is for double-entry accounting, being the “Debit” and/or “Credit” entries. More often than not the system knows both, or at least one side of the double-entry. When the system requires the […]

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Quantity Input

April 27, 2015 Inventory Control

Most Online Advantage Inventory transactions require the user to enter a product quantity. The entry of that quantity – and its associated data – can range from simple to complex. The degree of complexity is determined by how your business has decided to configure the system and the individual data elements like Products, Stock Locations, […]

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Ledger Registers

March 22, 2013 Accounts Payable

New “Ledger Register” reports have been added to all the appropriate subsidiary ledgers through the system giving users the ability to “reprint” or regenerate any/all the EOM Register reports from the system as and when required. All the EOM register reports are now available on the reports menu of the appropriate module – all a […]

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