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May 1, 2016 in Manufacturing,Order Management

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Field : Job Product


This option allows users to add ‘Jobbing Products’ to the system during Order Entry so that they can be ordered by a customer and processed through the system.

Jobbing Products are custom manufactured products. Typically a variation on a standard manufactured product you are already making, but with changes to the requirement as specified by your customer. The specification for Jobbing Products are created using the ‘Jobbing’ type in Manufacturing Specifications.

Jobbing specifications allow you to cost, price and quote on a product that is not actually a product in your system. Then once the customer wants to order the product, you use this facility which will create a system product and allocate its cost and price based on the jobbing specification. This then allows you to add the item onto a sales order, then create a Manufacturing Work Order to make the item, and allow the sales order to be processed through normal channels and finally invoiced to the customer.

Data Input


Jobbing Product

Enter the code allocated for the Jobbing Product through the Manufacturing Specification system. You can search for the product using the normal search facilities in the system. Once you find the Jobbing Product the system will list all the specifications held on file for selection.

Once the specification to be used is selected, you are given a warning that Product Details for the job product will be created. If you accept and continue a Product Details record is created for the jobbing product, and that product code is used to create a line item on the sales order.

The Product created has a product code made up of the jobbing products specification code prefixed with a ‘J’ so that it can be easily recognised by users as a Jobbing product. If the jobbing product Product Details have been previously created via another sales order, no warning is shown.
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