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May 1, 2016 in Order Management


This option enables you to quickly create order line items based on an existing ‘Order Form‘. Order forms are in place so you can create pre-defined lists of items that are often ordered together. This may be because you have customers who order the same basic items time and time again, or because the items are somehow “linked” to each other. For instance, the list might be a group of items put on some sort of promotion e.g. marketing campaign, ‘back to school’ promo, Christmas specials, Discounted or Discontinued Stock etc.

When you select the Order Form to use, the details of all the products present on that form are displayed on the screen in a list. You can then adjust the quantity for each product if needed, and then simply click once to add all the selected products to the order you are currently working on.

NOTE: Once you have used the Order Form and accepted the line items to add to the order, you cannot go back and change the details via the Order Form input. If you need to change details, each line item needs to be edited or deleted form the order depending on your needs. For more details on Order Forms and how to set them up, click here.

Data Input


Order Form

Select an Order Form that already exists on the system. Upon selecting the order form, the details of products on the form are displayed ready for use.
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Valid From

If the Order Form is set up with valid ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates, those dates are displayed here for verification by the user. If the Order Form has ‘expired’ then a warning message is presented to the user. This is just a warning message and the user can continue to use the details from the Order Form as required.
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Qty Required

Enter the quantity required for use with the Order Form. The quantity entered here is used to multiply the minimum quantity against each product to calculate a default Order Quantity for each product. In this way you can effectivly order multipes of the items listed on the form for the customer without having to edit each item individually.
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Order Quantity

The Order Quantity listed per item is defaulted from the ‘Qty Required’ input multiplied by the ‘Minimum Quantity’ held against each item on the order form. You can then change the order quantity manually on each item as needed by the customer. If there is a Minimum Quantity entered on the Order Form, then the Order Quantity entered here cannot be below that minimum.

NOTE: If the Order Quantity is zero, the product is not loaded as a line item onto the Sales Order when you complete the Order Form entry. Quantity is normally entered in Selling Units of Measure based on how each product is setup in the Product Details function.
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