Order Entry UI and Performance Improvements

March 28, 2012 in Order Management,Release 9.3

SOE-LineItemsWe have performed a complete review of the software used in the Sales Order Entry functions with a view to streamlining the system and making it more efficient to run. An emphasis has been placed on the speed of input, ease of input and the performance of the software over internet and slower links.

To this end we are pleased to report that we have made a significant order of magnitude improvement in the overall performance of the standard Order Entry functions in the Sales Order Management system, including the specific functions:

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Transfer Order Entry
  • Quote Entry
  • Credit Note Entry
  • Picking Docket Adjustment
  • Manual Despatch Docket Entry

Along with the change above, we have also performed a re-design of the Line Item Entry function in the main Order Entry system. The layout has been improved to group like items and make the look and feel cleaner and easier to read. See sample of the new line item entry below:




We have also introduced an insert function for line item entry that means users can add new line items to an order at any point on the existing list. The system defaults to adding to the end but it you need to insert a line item at the start, or any row on the list you can by simply changing the insert row number highlighted in the sample here.

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