Order Availability Displays

March 28, 2012 in Order Management,Release 9.3

Four new Order Management display functions have been added to the module. Each one is discussed below:

Order Availability – Summary

The new Order Availability Summary screen will show a list of all the orders for a nominated Stock Location and provide a “status” of each order in a grid list – each order being a single row. The status indicates what orders have a stock shortfall, are on credit hold, or ready for picking/despatch. See sample below.


Order Availability – Details

The Detailed view of the Order Availability situation for a selected Stock Location provide a view on each line item on each outstanding order in the system. This new display shows the user the physical stock position (Stock on Hand + Stock In-Store), the Available Stock Quantity, and the Shortfall if there is one as shown in the following sample.


Outstanding Docket Status – Customer

This new display function focuses on a specific Customer, listing all the Outstanding Order items that the customer has in the system currently being worked on. Each line item for each order is shown, along with any relating details. For instance, if a Sales Order has had a Purchase Order placed to fill a Non-Stock item, this will be shown. Likewise, if an item needs to be Manufactured to satisfy the Customer’s order, the Work Order details will be shown, along with status on the system, and any Stage related details on where it is up to that have been recorded in the system. See sample below.


Outstanding Docket Status – Location

This display is effectively the same as the Customer version described above, but it is showing details for a whole branch or Stock Location/Warehouse rather than a specific Customer. This is a great way to see all the line items of all the orders being processed in the system for a given operation, and see that information across all Customers and all Orders held in the system. See below.


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