Capture & Reporting of Margin Override Authorities

March 28, 2012 in Accounts Receivable,Order Management,Release 9.3

Online has always had the ability to view a Line Item Audit that shows all the changes to standard pricing and discount a user does for a given product or customer. It’s an important and well used feature of the system. Now we have added the recording of the Authorisation details to this Audit, so that can also be seen. This means that when a user attempts to sell a product below cost, or below the lowest margin/mark-up level set up in the system, and is prompted for authorisation because they are not set up as having the authority, the user who gives the “ok” for this line item “price” to occur is also recorded along with everything else.

The net result of the changes means you can now look into who sold products to what customers below established contribution levels, and who authorised them to sell it at that price. The standard Line Item Audit reports will show the details for you.


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