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This routine is used to maintain a list of “standard” descriptions you use to describe the way you pack items for despatch. These descriptors are also used on the Consignment Note to show the contents of a delivery. The consignment note descriptions are used in all order processing facilities that allow the entry of carrier and consignment note details. Note that there is a limit of sixteen item descriptions that could be entered for consignment note use.

The description of the goods that appears on a printed consignment note or for display on the system can be entered as freeform text, however if the packaging of products being sent is reasonably standard then the terms / packaging types can be entered in this screen which will then prompt the user for the number of items for each packaging type being sent. Examples of item descriptions for consignment note details are as follows – cartons, boxes, pallets, crates, bags, packs etc.

Data Input


Step 1 – Packaging Containers

The packaging details currently set up are displayed in a list. Click the delete icon in the grid to delete packaging details. To add a new pack and description, enter the details and click Add.

Single Pack Name

Enter the name of single pack. e.g. ‘Box’. During “Order Processing/Despatch” when prompted for “packing details” if you enter 1 pack, the consignment description will say (for example) ‘1 Box’.

Multiple Pack Name

Enter the name to be used for multiple packs (i.e. the plural for the pack). e.g. ‘Boxes’. If you enter 2 packs, the consignment description will say (for example) ‘2 Boxes’.

Pack Code

Enter a code to identify the packaging. This can be used as an abbreviation on despatch documents/labels e.g. ‘Carton’ – CTN, ‘Satchel’ – SAT, ‘Pallet’ – PAL.

Labels per Pack

Enter the number of labels to print per pack. This is used as a default in consignment note entry and label production. For example, if you usually put 4 labels on a box when packing, enter 4 here. The system will then know per item being despatched, the total number of labels required to be printed based on the different “pack” sizes used in the despatch.

Packing Product

If applicable, enter the Product Code for the packing item. This can be used to retrieve weight and dimensions of the pack item itself.
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Step 2 – Other Packaging

Enter a list of packaging items that are not used as containers themselves, but are using to complete the packaging of items ready for despatch. For example; shrink wrap, foam packing, pallets, cardboard packing. These can be selected in Order Consignment Packing and appear on a Pack Slip if required.

Packing Product

Enter the Product Code of the packaging item to add to the list. Only Products flagged as ‘Packaging’ may be entered here.


Tick this option if this packaging product represents a pallet.

Pack Code

For pallets, enter a pack code. e.g. use ‘PAL’ for StarTrack unit.

Labels per Pack

Enter the number of labels you would like to print to attach to the pallet e.g. 4 would produce 1 label for each vertical side
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