Next Document Number (by Prefix)

August 2, 2015 in System Manager


This function is used to set and/or maintain the “Next” document number for all the various documents in Online. “Document” numbers refer to the system generated “reference” numbers that are allocated for the various transactions within the Online system such as printed dockets like Quotes, Order Confirmations, Transfer Orders, Invoices, Purchase orders, Remittance Advice’s, etc.

The system maintains a set of “Default” document numbers that it allocated during transaction processing. However a document “prefix” can be set up against each user, and the a sequence number can be created and maintained for each “prefix” in use. As an example, typically all users in the same operation/branch would be set to have the same document prefix, so you can see where a document was generated from just by looking at the prefix. See related topic on User Details. Then using this function the starting sequence number can be established or changed at any time, per prefix, per document type.

Data Input


Step 1 – Document Prefix Details

Document Prefix

Select the document prefix you wish to set from the drop down list of available prefixes. All the “documents” that can be automatically allocated a reference number will then appear, along with the current “Next” number to be used in that sequence. You can enter/change the next document number for the document that you wish. The number entered will be the next number allocated to the next document generated / printed on the system.

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