9.1 Display Improvements

February 17, 2012 in Release 9.1

To all our displays functions we have added a new ‘View in Cube’ link next to the existing ‘View in Excel’ option. With this link any row/column data shown can be sent to the standard OA Cube function for further analysis.  Essentially the more columns and rows of data there is, the more useful this becomes.

We’ve already had feedback from users suggesting this new feature gives the Customer and Product “Sales” displays a whole new dimension when viewed in the Cube with its inherent slice and dice functions for generating different “views” of the same data.  Here’s some samples:



You will also notice a new “pin” or thumbnail icon in the column headings on all the row/column style display screens, along with a new “page size” input.  The “pin” option allows users to “fix” the headings on the column display so they won’t scroll off the page when the vertical scroll bar is used.

The “page size” function gives the user an option to show more rows per page.  Very useful for users with high resolution large format screen as they can see more information per page.  The page size options offered are as follows with sample screen shot:

  • 25 rows
  • 50 rows
  • 100 rows
  • 150 rows
  • 200 rows
  • Show All


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