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March 4, 2018 in Accounts Receivable


Release SymbolThis procedure is used to select Customer accounts that are flagged as ‘Unapproved for Credit’ so they can be set to ‘Credit Approved’.

Accounts may have a credit flag of ‘Unapproved’ because they are new customers that are yet to go through a credit approval process, or because they are old customers who have previously been approved for credit but have not transacted with you for a specified period and may need credit re-checks if they wish to trade with you again. See System Options for details on the period of inactivity specified before an account is set to ‘Unapproved’.

Data Input


Step 1 – Fixed Filters

Enter any filters you like to improve your selection. Accounts with a Credit Flag of ‘Unapproved’ are automatically selected, so any filters you add are used to limit the list with extra criteria.

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Step 2 – Selected Items

The unapproved accounts matching the entered¬†filters are presented in the form of a list. Find the account(s) you want to update to ‘approved’ status and make sure they are ticked as selected. You may set the Credit Limit and Trading Terms here at the same time if you want too.

Click submit to update the account(s) with the new details.

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