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November 30, 2018 in Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally you may see that when you try to log in, you get a message stating that you are unable to because the ‘User limit has been reached’.

This message occurs when the system believes that the number of users logged has reached the limit permitted. For the most part, this happens when a user closes their browser session without using the ‘Log Out’ option. Choosing ‘Log Out’ decreases the count of users logged in.  Same result if a user closes their laptop, disconnects from the internet/network or their client device fails/reboots.

We are often asked to ‘log out’ the abandoned sessions remotely, but we are not able to do this.  In technical terms the user is a browser session at the client end and there is no way for us to tell who is there or not. The connection is basically stateless – so no way for us to ‘log off’ a specific user.

However, Online Advantage does receive a ‘pulse’ from the clients sessions so it knows when it has not had contact from a given user session for a period. After not hearing from a user for 15 minutes, it assume they are no longer logged in and ‘active’ and will automatically stop counting them in the total user count.  This will then enable new users to login and interact with the system when ready.

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