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July 26, 2019 in Accounts Payable,Purchasing


This function is used to enter or modify the details of ‘Purchase Types’ set up for use in the Purchasing system.

Purchase Types contain descriptive details on the types (or categories) of products that you purchase e.g. Steel, Welding Consumables, Paint.

You can record one or more Purchase Types against a Supplier account and this can be used to target specific suppliers when sending out a Request for Quote (tender) on particular products, or as a filter when running reports.

The use of Purchase Types within Online Advantage is completely optional so there is no need to set-up any details if you have no useful reason to use them.

Data Input


Step 1 – Code/ Description

All existing Purchase Type codes and descriptions are displayed.

You may select an existing code and description from the grid to edit the details.
Use the Delete icon in the grid to delete a Purchase Type.

To set up a new product Purchase Type, enter the code and description and click Add.
The new Purchase Type is added to the list.

Once all the Purchase Type details are listed in the grid as required, click Submit to update the system.


Enter a unique code for the Purchase Type.

For details on the use of “codes”, see The Role of “Codes” in Online Advantage


Enter the Purchase Type description.

For more details on descriptions, see The Role of “Names & Descriptions” in Online Advantage

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