9.2 Minor Enhancements List

February 21, 2012 in Release 9.2

Additionally this release includes a number of minor changes to the application designed to improve the speed, reliability or ease of use of the system. A summary of these changes is included below:

  • Remittance Advice reprint – a long awaited and welcome addition to the Accounts Payable system sees us implement a new function to reprint Remittance Advices for Supplier and Sundry payments covering both Cheque Payments and Electronic Funds Transfer payments.
  • Accounts Receivable and related Sales Order Processing invoicing functions have been enhanced to support the selection of “Override Trading Terms” that include the ability for the user to set an Ageing Date that is different to the Invoice Date under “Special Terms”. Additionally the ability to set up a special trading terms “scheme” and nominated Age Date is now provided for to allow invoice to be pre-aged by a set date
  • The Customer Display function now has the Customers Price List, Price Level and Contract Price List details shown (where they exist)
  • A new Purchasing function has been added for the Costing & Receipt of Orders & Shipments that does not allow the Shipment to be Finalised so that this task can be separated using User security. This allows Shipment Costs to be checked and Finalised by a second/different user if appropriate
  • The Product Master now has inputs to allow the recording of different packaging Types against a product, and the weight of the packaging materials used. This is in the form of a list so all the packaging items used for an item can be entered and this detail can be used for reporting as required
  • Products can also now have a default number of delivery labels to print during the picking process as part of the Product Master setup. This number of labels per Stock Unit is used by the Order Processing and Picking functions to calculate and default the number of delivery labels required for that item based on the delivery quantity and the new setting
  • The General Ledger Profit & Loss display and reporting function that is predominately used to take P&L data into the Cube has been enhanced to include more columns showing the Account Codes and Category Codes in the data so that the data can be moved and sorted in the sequence the Chart Of Accounts was designed in as well as by Name/Description if required
  • The current Patch Level of a given system has been incorporated into the version number of the system and is now displayed automatically on the Login screen and the Main Menu so we can determine what patch level a customer’s system is easily
  • Along with the change to display the patch level of the system above, there has been significant work done in the system to record patch details and provide tools to distribute patches to customer systems more easily as part of this release
  • A system “memo” or notes category was added to this release. It is called “Transfers” and it is used to automatically record a note against a customer, supplier or product when the system transfer tools are used to merge or transfer one of these items across to another entry. For example, when one customer account is merged into another customer account there is an automatic note now recorded on the destination customer as a permanent record

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