Stationery Message Management

February 22, 2012 in Release 9.2

The ability to include a standard message on the many “documents” that are produced within the processing functions is a great way to communicate with your Customers and Suppliers.  For this reason we have tools within the system to allow you to add and edit the messages you want to give on the following “Stationery” documents in Online Advantage:

Back Order Statements Credit Notes
Despatch Dockets Invoices
Order Confirmations Purchase Orders
Point of Sale Dockets Pickup Advices
Quotes Remittance Advices
Royalty Statements Settlement Discount Adjustments
Debtors Statements Transfer Dockets


To add or change a standard message is simply a case of using the following form in the System Manager as per the screen shots below:

Scr_06 2012-02-22

Scr_07 2012-02-22

Along with the ability to have “global” messages for the documents above, there is also the ability to have an over-ride message by Customer Category for the documents that are customer specific.  This is a simple matter of adding a message for one or more Customer Categories in the screen below, for the documents where you want a specific message:

Scr_08 2012-02-22

This is a great way to send a targeted message to a section of your clients.  For instance, a specific message on Invoices and Order Confirmations for the “Dealer” category and a different message for the “Resellers” to target the goals for those groups during a promotion period.

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