Version 9.5.1116.1 e-Commerce portal

February 6, 2022 in Release 9.5

Released 6th February 2022 : version 9.5.1116.1 e-Commerce portal

Credit Card Entry

Credit Cards – improvements when entering credit card payments in all e-Commerce portals including automatic card type detection and card number length checking

American Express – added more validation rules for credit cards made through the e-Way payment gateway

Order forms – are no longer showing on the portal if not is use. If order forms are configured, the ‘save order form’ button has been aligned to the left to give the ‘proceed-to-checkout’ button the primary position on the right.

Check-out button – changed naming of this button to be consistent with other portal buttons

Delivery summary – improved visual look of Order and Delivery summary page

B2x Order Confirm

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