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March 5, 2012 in Online Tools,Release 9.2,Reporting

The Online 2000 “terminal emulation” system contained a Spooler Archive that allowed users to store reports from their “Print Spooler” into predefined sections called “Archive Types”. Many Online 2000 users would use this facility to store important reports that they wanted to have ongoing access to. In particular users would store their useful End Of Month (EOM) audit reports like the EOM “Registers” and General Ledger “Transaction Dissection Audit” Reports.

In the 9.2 Release we added a tool that allowed users to re-publish (or convert) a report in the Spooler Archive. This means that users can take an archived spooler report and re-publish it into a browser based report in one of the formats supported in the Online Advantage “Report Launcher”. Whilst the report will still be flat data and not in columns like the new Online reports, this is a great way to convert old spooler reports into a PDF or Excel format for local storage outside of Online.

In order to perform such a conversion, all that is required is to run the conversion tool from the Spooler Archive menu and nominate the “Archive Type” and “Archive Code” as below:


In order to determine the “Archive Code” for the report you want to select, we have added an “Archive Type Details” report to the “Report Archive” menu. You can use this report to show you all the “Archive Codes” recorded against an “Archive Type”. You need to know and specify the correct “Archive Code” in order for this conversion tool to run successfully.

NOTE: If there is no password set against the “Archive Type” then you will need to enter something/anything at that prompt in order for the report to be generated. Assuming there is not a password already, you can simply enter the word “pass” at that prompt.

After entering these selections you simply run the report conversion like you would any Online Advantage report. This means means you get to select the destination and method of delivery as normal. The end result for converting an old Online 2000 Debtors Aged Trial Balance from the Spooler Archive to a Adobe PDF file format would look something like the sample below:


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