8.1 New and Improved User Interface to all Display functions

November 1, 2011 in Release 8.1

We have performed a complete re-vamp of all the standard OA displays functions (there are over 230 enquiries in OA) to improve the searching and drill through capabilities of these functions. To begin with, all the display functions now use the same search facility as all the wizard data entry forms thus giving a consistent and easy approach to finding information. See screen shot below:


You will see that the new layout includes a navigation pane on the left hand side which can be used to jump to a related display for the item currently being viewed. It also means that the user has access to any other display function within their security privileges from the one form. Sample below:


We have also implemented the ability to open any new displays in a new window (or Tab depending upon your browser settings) and well as a “Hide” button so you can turn the left hand navigation off if you need to use the full screen width for your display. Other enhancements to the displays are a more dynamic allocation of the screen space between the two display panes (if there are two) to maximize the space used for long lists at the bottom. The new displays are also aware of email and web site addresses now so if an email address is shown on the form you can use it as a dynamic link to your client-side email application (e.g. Outlook) and also click on URL’s (web site addresses) and have your default browser launch to that site.

Note the ability to re-sequence lists and to export list data directly to Excel is still a supported feature of all displays. More features are due to be released for the display functions including a new list display tool that will allow real-time filtering of data and easy point and click “Grouping” of lists by the data in a nominated column.

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