Auto Emailing of Report Issues

March 19, 2012 in Release 9.3,Reporting

We have enabled an automatic reporting facility as part of the Reporting enhancements made to the 9.3 Release. Because reports can be run interactively, scheduled to run at regular times during the day, week, month, and also run based on overnight processing or automatic functions like the Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) feature, we felt it important to introduce some user messaging if the system detects an issue when running a report.

Therefore, assuming a user has a valid email address as part of their user setup, that user will be emailed a message if the OA system has a problem when it goes to run the report. Some scenarios when this might occur are:

  • the senders email address is incorrect
  • the mail server is unavailable or rejects the email with an error
  • the printer selected is no longer available/set up
  • the filters provided for the report are invalid

These are just some of the possible scenarios that might cause an email to be sent. Below is a sample of the type of email sent to the user:


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