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May 30, 2011 in Release 9.1,Reporting

A major change to report launching is the introduction of our ‘Quick Launch’ step. We’ve changed the report destination to a visual choice. A series of icons (as seen below) allow users to quickly launch to all the supported file formats and close the Report Launcher with one click. This also includes the ability to print to a Default “Local” and “Network” printer.


Also you will notice above that support for the Adobe Flash player has been added as a new output format – a useful addition for those people who have not installed the Acrobat PDF viewer.

In this release we have also completely reworked the way report data is extracted from the database which has seen an order of magnitude improvement in the performance of reports. The larger the report, the greater the improvement in execution time. This is a generic improvement across all reporting and is most notable when dealing with historical or transactional reports.

With the email destination some useful additions have been added for this release. Firstly, the ability to enter a Bcc address when sending emails is included. This allows users to deliver a copy to themselves easily if they want to get the email in their “InBox” on their external mail system. It of course allows them to send the email to other parties without everybody being aware.
Additionally a “Delivery Notification” check-box has been added to email. This will see the sender receive an email upon successful delivery of the email to each party it is addressed too.

You will also notice that a confirmation message (in red) has been added under the “Launch” button to ensure users know they have run a report and don’t send it off twice.

Finally the Report Launching has been enhanced to send an email to the user who runs a report if it fails to run correctly on the server for some reason. This email is automatically sent to the email address of the user who ran the report.

Below is a screen shot of the new “Email” destination options:


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