Enter un-used Stock Take tickets

July 25, 2019 in Inventory Control


This function is used to enter the stock take ticket numbers that have not been used during counting. This allows you to record what tickets have not been used for a given stock take run. Note that the entry of unused tickets can be done with ticket ranges based on the item numbers on the tickets to make this as quick a task as possible. This function is not relevant if you are using ‘Tally Sheets’ on your stock stock run.

Tip: You do not need to enter zero counts if there is no quantity counted. If no count is entered on a ticket the system assumes zero counted, and any quantity on hand, bin quantity or Tracking details will be cleared from the system.

Data Input


Step 1 – Stock Take Run No

Stock Take Number

Enter a valid stock take number. This stock take number can be found on the printed tickets and must be a valid and open stock take run.
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Step 2 – Ticket Numbers

Count Number

Nominate which count you are putting in the unused tickets for. You can specify the ranges of unused tickets for the first count (Count 1), the second count (Count 2) or you can nominate the number of ‘Blank Tickets’ that were not used during the stock take.

From Item Number

Enter the starting range of item numbers on tickets that were not used.

To Item Number

Enter the ending range of item numbers on tickets that were not used.

Note that if you have individual tickets that were not used then enter the same item number in both the fields – From/ To Item Number.

Use the ‘Add’ icon to record the un-used ticket numbers onto the list.
Use the ‘Delete’ icon in order to remove ‘Tickets Ranges’ from the list.

Once the ticket ranges are entered and details submitted, the stock take run then has these item numbers marked as tickets that were not used during the stock take.
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