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October 20, 2018 in Inventory Control


This procedure is used to cancel a stock take run – use it carefully as once a run is submitted for cancellation there is no facility to reverse the changes made.

The routine will ask you to specify which stock take run you wish to cancel.  Only runs that have not yet been finalised can be selected for cancelling. On confirmation (save/submit) this function will automatically remove the run details and delete all references to the nominated Stock Take run number from the system. This means that there will be no stock take adjustments made for the products (Inventory items) on the run. It also means that any stock count quantities recorded against the stock take run (whether manually entered or uploaded) will be lost.

Data Input


Step 1 – Stock Take Run No

Stock Take Number

Enter a valid stock take number. Only runs that have not yet been finalised can be canceled.
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Step 2 – Cancel Stock Take

Displays the stock take run number details, and a warning message informing the user of what will happen once they proceed.

Cancel Run

Select whether you wish to cancel stock take run or not.  This is basically an additional step to ensure a stock take is not deleted by accident.

Once you commit the cancel instruction, all details previously entered relative to this stock take run will be cleared from the respective stock take system. This procedure will not have any effect on the stock on hand figure.

Stock take runs that have already been finalised cannot be cancelled. These details are deleted in the End-Of-Day procedure depending on the number of days you have specified to retain stock take details in the system defaults.
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