Customer Category Standard Stationery Message Update

August 19, 2015 in Accounts Receivable,Order Management,System Manager


This routine is used to set or change standard stationery messages using the customer category. The message entered against a category here will be used by the appropriate document to override the “standard” message the system would normally use (if recorded). Note that the system allows for a standard message to appear on ALL customer documents via the Standard Stationery Messages facility so this customer category based message is only required when you need to vary the message per customer category.

If you want to vary the document messages according to each customers category, then the system allows you to set up an override message against each Customer Category you have setup. Additionally if you want to update several Customer Categories with the same stationery message, you can input the message once here for a given category, and then have them all updated to save changing them individually.

Data Input


Step 1 – Customer Category Code

Customer Category

Select a customer category you wish to update from the list available.
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Step 2 – Stationery Messages


Enter/ maintain the statement message.


Enter/ maintain the quote message.

Order Confirmation

Enter/ maintain the order confirmation message.

Despatch Docket

Enter/ maintain the despatch docket message.


Enter/ maintain the invoice message.
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Step 3 – Filters

You can use this optional step to enter a filter criteria to select customer categories that you want to update with the messages you have entered/adjusted. To select all categories simply don’t enter any filters.
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Step 4 – Selection

Here you are presented with a list of Customer Categories selected according to the criteria you entered as filters in the previous step. You can make adjustments to the list of customer categories ‘selected’ that you wish to update with the standard messages. This step uses the standard View/Omit section function as described here. When you click Submit all those customer categories selected will be updated with the standard messages you have updated/adjusted.
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