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January 9, 2012 in Order Management


When a Sales Order is entered into Online Advantage, the customer’s account is credit checked and if it is found that the customer has insufficient credit available on their account the order is placed on a ‘credit stop’ status. Orders on credit stop are prevented from entering the Picking stage of Order Processing. Depending on circumstances, it may be desirable to release the order for Picking prior to the customer’s account being updated. For example, as a gesture of good will, or where payment for the account has been received, but just not processed in the Accounts Receivable ledger yet. Use this function to ‘release’ an order from credit stop so it may be processed.

Note that a credit release option is also available at the end of Sales Order Entry. That option links you to this process and is only available to user’s with security access to this function.

You may also use this function to place an order on credit stop status to prevent it from being picked if required.

This function may also be used to add a terms date where the order is held because it is waiting on terms negotiation to be finalised.

Data Input


Step 1 – Order Number

Order Number

Enter the existing order number you wish to work on. For details on the use of “codes”, see The Roles of “Codes” in Online Advantage

Orders where the customer is a ‘Cash Only’ account may not be entered here.
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Step 2 – Order Credit Release


Displays the customer assigned for this order.

Customer Order Number

Displays the customer order number i.e. their Purchase Order number.

Order Value

Displays the value of this order.

Order Date

Displays the order date.


Displays any currency selected for this order.

Currency Value

Displays the currency value of the order.


Displays the order status.

Override Terms

Displays the override terms of the order. These can be different to the customers standard terms.

Ageing Date

If the order is held because the terms ageing date is missing, enter the ageing date here.

Order Credit Release

Select Release to release the order from ‘Credit Stop’ or Stop to put a ‘Credit Stop’ on this order.
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