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May 23, 2018 in Order Management


Release SymbolThis procedure is used to change the Customer Order Number recorded against an invoiced transaction or transactions. It is provided to allow you to correct any errors made in the recording of the customers order number (their Purchase Order number) after the transaction has been completed. The same applies to a transaction (Sales Order) where the customer order number wasn’t known or recorded and you want to go back and record it correctly on the transaction history.

Data Input


Step 1 – Mandatory Filters


Enter an existing customer with transactions that you want to change the customer order number for.
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Step 2 – Fixed Filters

If you know some information about the invoice transaction you want to change, enter filters here to narrow down your selection so that the list is not too long.

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Step 3 – Selected Items

The invoices matching the entered customer entered and any filters are shown on-screen in the form of a list. Find the invoice(s) you want to update the ‘Customer Order Number’ on and make sure they are ticked as selected. Enter the new customer order number per selected transaction. You may not enter special characters such as space, comma, slash etc.

Click submit to update the invoice(s) with the new ‘Customer Order Number’ that you have entered for this transaction.

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