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May 16, 2018 in Order Management


This procedure is used to add or maintain the details of your customer’s product codes and to manage access to products and colours in the customer’s B2B e-Commerce portal.

Customer Product Codes are a useful cross reference between your product codes and your customer’s product codes. When invoices are generated, the customer’s product code corresponding to your delivered product is included on the invoice details so your customer can easily update their own system with a receipt.

Customer product codes may also be used to search your own product database. This allows you to find your product when the customer supplies their own familiar code, or it allows your customer to find the product they need with their own code via your e-Commerce portal.

The customer’s product list can also be used to restrict the colours available to a e-Commerce portal customer.  If you offer many colours of a particular product, but your customer is only interested in a restricted range of colours, the details stored here could be used to limit the options shown in the B2B portal.

Data Input


Step 1 – Product Code


Enter the customer code of the customer who requires their own product codes to be recorded.


Enter your product code that the customer has a corresponding identifying number for.

Copy to All Sizes

Select this option if you want the details you are entering to apply to all sizes.
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Step 2 – Customer’s Product Code

The available colours for your product are displayed in a list. Select the colour that corresponds to the customer’s product identifier by clicking on the grid row.

Customer’s Product Code

Enter the customer’s product code they use to identify your product. This code appears on sales dockets such as the Order Confirmation, Despatch Docket, Invoice and Credit Note along with your own product code.

Customer’s Product Description

Enter the description the customer uses for the product. This description appears on sales dockets such as the Order Confirmation, Despatch Docket, Invoice and Credit Note along with your own product description.

Exclude from e-Commerce

Select this option if you do not want the corresponding colour to be available to the customer via the B2B e-Commerce portal. You may restrict a customer’s available colours in B2B portal at the Customer level via Customer Details if required.

Click ‘Add’ to include the customer’s product code, description and e-Commerce setting on the list.
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