Assign Buyer to Product Groups

May 27, 2018 in Inventory Control


This tool is used to assign a Buyer to a selected set of Product Groups of your choosing. It is basically a short cut for setting the purchasing buyer responsible for the replenishment of many product groups at once. You enter the buyer you want to use for a given stock location and then the tool will do all the updating for you.

A full list of Product Groups is presented in a list for further refinement so you can see select which groups are going to be assigned a new buyer. Once you submit the list for change, the buyer is recorded on the groups listed for the stock location you have nominated.

For more details on replenishment, see the related article on Replenishment Overview.

Data Input


Step 1 – Mandatory Filters


Enter an existing Stock Location for which you want to assign new buyer details. This is a mandatory input.


Select the Buyer that you want to assign for the location to the Product Groups. This is a mandatory input.

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Step 2 – Selected Items

A full list of Product Groups is displayed in a list on-screen. You can then refine the items selected for update by omitting them from the list before doing the update of the buyer.
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