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May 27, 2018 in Inventory Control

The ‘Change Replenishment Supplier’ function is a tool that allows you to swap from one Supplier to another for ‘default’ replenishment. This utility can select all Products and/or Inventory items that are set to use a given Supplier for replenishment, and change the details recorded so they are replenished from a different Supplier. Note that this tool will change both the Product Supplier settings and the Inventory Supplier settings for all selected items.

Mandatory Filters

From Supplier

Enter the Supplier that products are currently tagged to be supplied from.

To Supplier

Enter the supplier that you want to use for future replenishment i.e. to replace the “From Supplier”.


Enter any specific filters that you want to use to target your list of products e.g. you may only want to select products in a certain Product Group, or for a particular Buyer.

Selected Items

The Products and/or Inventory items with the supplier currently set to the ‘From Supplier’ you requested, and that match the entered filters,¬†are displayed in a list on-screen. You may further refine the selected items by omitting any items you don’t want to update to the new ‘To Supplier’.


A ‘Level’ column appears as either ‘Product’ or ‘Inventory’. This is because a supplier may be entered and maintained at the Product level via the Product Details function, or at the Inventory level using the Inventory Details function.

When you ‘Submit’ the final list, the supplier is then changed on the Product and/or Inventory details for all selected included items.


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