Document Audit Trail

July 4, 2019 in Library,Reporting

Release SymbolOnce documents are completed (sent/printed), sometimes you have the need to go back and look to see where they were sent. This can be useful when checking for mistakes, or finding evidence of a paper trail.

When a document is completed there are 3 audit updates that occur and you can find and view the details as follows:

Document Activity

View the Activity Details for the document and you will see the date, time and method of sending the document, plus the destination. For example, if the method of sending was via ‘Email’, the destination will show the email address. If via the ‘Printer’, the destination will show the printer name.

Document History

View the Notes for the documents Supplier or Customer. The details of the document sending activity are recorded under the ‘Document History’ note category. Here the detail shows who sent the document, when, method and destination detail.


An entry is made in the sending user’s message ‘Outbox’ to record the communication. For emails, the subject and body of the email can be viewed.


By the term ‘documents’ we mean formatted ‘stationery’ type report outputs such as Invoices, Purchase Orders and Remittance Advices. For ordinary reports, details of where the documents are sent are recorded for security audit purposes.

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