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May 13, 2018 in Time Cards


Release SymbolThis procedure is used to import Employee Time Cards data from a file created outside of the system. This is an alternative way of entering Time Cards from the standard system functions provided for entering and editing time card details. Using this method a “spread-sheet” style tool can be used to prepare Time Card data for quick data entry. Alternatively you can export data from a third-party time recording system and then import it into Online Advantage using this upload tool.

Note: The ‘times’ on the spreadsheet must match the time format set up for Time Cards in System Options i.e. decimal or hour format. For additional details on creating upload files see the notes HERE.

Data Input

Step 1 – File Upload


Nominate the branch you are uploading details for. This is used to populate the available ‘Period End Date’ held in the system for the branch.

Period End Date

Select the ‘Period End Date’ you are uploading details for.

Upload File

Select the spread sheet file you wish to upload, by clicking Browse. This assumes you have access to the file with the time card entries from the browser you are currently using.
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Step 2 – Review details

The time card entries of the file selected are displayed so that you can review the data and confirm that you have selected the correct file before you continue.
Click Submit to submit all the details.
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Spread sheet format

The spread sheet must be in a csv format. You may download a template here: TimeCardUpload

The first row of the spread sheet must be a heading row. It does not matter what the headings are, as long as they are meaningful to you e.g. you could have ‘Employee’, ‘Staff’ or ‘Labourer’.

The columns required are:

Column Name Additional Details
A Employee Code Required. Must be a valid & active employee.
B Date Worked Required. Format dd-mm-yy
C Type Required. Must be either J (Job), W (Work order) or O (Other time)
D Code Required. Value is dependant on Type (column C).
J – code is a Job number that is active (not closed)
W – code is a Work order number
O – code is a valid ‘Other time’ code
E Sub Account Conditionally required. Value is dependant on Type (column C).
For Type J (Job), use a valid GL chart of account code.
For Type W (Work order), use a valid Labour code.
For Type O (other time), is not required and is ignored.
F Setup Flag Applies to Work orders. May be Y, N or blank.
G Penalty Flag Applies to Work orders. May be Y, N or blank.
H Normal Time Optional but 1 of column H, I, J, K or L must have a time. Either hh:mm or hh.mm format
I Ordinary Time Optional. Either hh:mm or hh.mm format
J Time & Half Optional. Either hh:mm or hh.mm format
K Double Time Optional. Either hh:mm or hh.mm format
L Double Time + Half Optional. Either hh:mm or hh.mm format
M Details Optional. A brief description of the time worked to 25 characters. If the content contains comma’s, it must be surrounded by double quotation marks. e.g. “Annual leave, long srvce” see spreadsheet tips for more info

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Once you click submit, the rows on the spread sheet are validated. If no invalid data is detected, the Time Card entries are posted as a journal to the Time Card system.

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