Customer Aged Trial Balance By Branch

August 13, 2018 in Accounts Receivable,Reporting


This report is produced during the End Of Month Processing where ‘Debtors Statements’ are generated and customer balances are aged. It is an optional report and so may be excluded from the EOM reporting.

The ‘Period Ending’ date on the report is derived from the Debtors Ageing Calendar and not from the Debtors/Stock Fiscal period end date as is the case with the Customer Aged Trial Balance by Branch by Client Type EOM report.

What it is used for

This report is produced as part of the Debtors Statements processing as a summary of the debtors ledger at that point in time and has no other specific purpose.

What you should do with it

There is no specific requirement to archive this report as it is normally only used as a statement of the debt and its aging at the time Statements are sent.


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