Customer Aged Trial Balance By Branch By Client Type

August 13, 2018 in Accounts Receivable,Reporting


This report is produced during the Debtors and Stock End Of Month Ledger Processing and Closing. It is a mandatory report and may not be excluded from the EOM reporting.

The ‘Month Ending’ date on the report is derived from the┬áDebtors/Stock Fiscal period end date, and not from the┬áDebtors Ageing Calendar as is the case with the Customer Aged Trial Balance by Branch EOM report.

What it is used for

This report is useful to allow the reconciliation of the total debtors ledger balance to the General Ledger Balance Sheet value. Especially where you have multiple branches with active customers and debtors balances posting per branch.

It is of particular importance and usefulness if you are varying the GL posting account for debtors balances by the Client/Customer Type allocated to each customer, then this report is essential to reconciling the balances in the GL Balance Sheet to the debtors ledger as it has the appropriate sub-totals by client type.

What you should do with it

It is worth considering keeping a copy of this report in your EOM archive. In particular the End Of Year (EOY) version from the EOM for month 12 is an essential report to archive. It allows you to show the detailed breakdown of the GL Balance Sheet values from the subsidiary debtors ledger if required for any audit or management requirement.


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