9.1 Minor Enhancements List

February 17, 2012 in Release 9.1

Additionally this release includes a number of minor changes to the application designed to improve the speed, reliability or ease of use of the system. A summary of these changes is included below:

  • Browser setup Tool – we have written a desktop tool to assist users to setup their Internet Explorer settings via a script rather than adjusting the “Security” settings manually. Please talk to us about generating a version of this tool for your site if required.
  • Reprint options on display menus for selected documents like Order Confirmations and Invoices
  • Cash/Credit offsetting screen for debtor accounts added to facilitate immediate offset of credits with related ledger transactions has been included to the following functions:
    • Debtors Journals
    • Credit Note entry
    • Customer Refund Cheque processing
  • Deliver All button added to the Despatching functions to allow a one click delivery of all line items on a Picking Docket The system has also been changed to default the “Deliver Quantity” to the remaining “Order Quantity” in the dispatching functions
  • Login form now allows users to login via their User code or their recorded Email address
  • Sales Back Orders can now be released using a value filter to ensure a minimum delivery value is maintained as part of the selection process to provide control over delivery costs
  • All functions that use the “Selections” form which allows items to be selected or omitted from processing now have new buttons for selecting or omitting all items, or just the items on the current page being displayed
  • When processing Purchasing Shipments the relevant forms will now display the remaining Accrual value of the Shipment being posted too
  • During Sales Order entry, when a price/margin/mark-up authorisation is performed by a “supervisor” to approve a lower than normal sales price, we are now recording the details of the user who authorised the transaction, along with the details of the user who placed the order
  • We have added a “warning” message to the system whenever a product is entered/selected the system will advise the user if the product is marked for “deletion”
  • Support has been introduced to allow for the setup of menu items that are hidden from the Main Menu display and this is commonly used for display functions that are launched from within other displays
  • Linked to the feature above, there is now a facility to stop “Terminal Emulation” functions appearing on the “Browser” menus which is useful for internet based or non-VPN users who can’t run these functions
  • New General Ledger Profit & Loss reports have been added to the existing P&L reports and these system reports provide “Current” year to “Last” year comparisons for Actual and Budget
  • A Spooler Archive conversion tool has been written to allow users to selectively convert their old “Terminal Emulation” based Archive Reports into the Browser based Report Launcher. This effectively allows reports from the Spooler Archive to be saved as PDF reports, or any of the other support report file formats
  • Added the Bank and Drawer to the “header” area of the Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts form. Also added a display of the “Amount to Allocate” and the “Amount Remaining” to the offset input, along with change to default the offset amount to the “Amount Remaining” or up the “Nett” outstanding on the item selected
  • Bank and Reference details are now being passed to the Deposit Slip printing so the user does not need to specify these manually after cash receipting
  • Put a “Logoff” button on all the forms to allow users to logout of the system from any form in the system without having to have the “Main Menu” function. Note one benefit of this for users is the ability to create desktop shortcuts or browser favourites that take a user directly into a form/function, and so allowing them to by-pass the Main Menu
  • When doing a Manual Shipment Variance take-up the “Posting Amount” is now being defaulted to the variance value on the shipment selected for ease of entry
  • At the end of Sales Order Entry the drill-down menu was added to the Sales Order number to allow users to directly do displays and prints related to the order they just worked on
  • A new “Stock Quantity” display was added for “Major” Stock Locations only
  • Added a Display to show Accounts Receivable transaction “Activities” for any debtor transactions on record
  • The “Payment Type” (i.e. EFT or Cheque) is now shown on screen during the selection of Creditors/Supplier to pay
  • In the Purchase Order and Shipment Receiving functions the facility to Cancel All Back Orders with one click of a button has been added. We have also re-worked the Sundry item edit and adjustment section to make the input quicker and easier along with improvements to the posting entry to bring this into line with Stock Receipting/costing facilities
  • The “Colours” master file has been enhanced to allow the input of RGB column inputs which will see the E-Commerce function display the different colours available for a product during ordering
  • Two new Stock Transaction reports by “Reason” have been written for people who are tracking stock adjustments by reason code
  • In the Bank EFT Export function the Total Value of the payment is now being displayed at the Finish step
  • The Sales Analysis Budget system has been extended to include details of the Previous Years Budgets and Actuals, and additional reporting setup and new reports have been written to use this information
  • The Sales Order entry and adjustment functions will now show products that have been priced based on a Contract price to highlight to the user that a contract price is in play
  • Enhancements to the Work Order Stages form to include prompting for Stock Location and a flag to “Include Only Current Stage” Work Orders to allow the user to be more specific with these filters and get a shorter list of Work Orders
  • The Overdue Debtors display has been improved with additional filters and totals on the display columns like Outstanding Balance, Current Balance etc.
  • The “Adjust Password” form has had a new link added to allow adjustment and then continued work in online. The form has also been placed on the “My Tools” for easy access from the Main Menu
  • Cost & Prices entry and adjustment form has had additional links at the “Finalise” step to allow the user to make adjustments to different products on the same Price list, the same product on a different Price List, or to start over again
  • The Note Display facility can now be filtered by Category of Note by User since we have added the entry of a list of restricted note categories into the User maintenance form
  • Greatly enhanced system tracing and file logging of activity and data requests to provide significantly more debugging details for support staff and developers to use
  • Improvements to the trapping and reporting of user licence checks were implemented in this release to ensure that users are told at login when the limit has been reached and to also ensure they are re-directed back to the login page should the limit be reached

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