System Restriction Facility

February 29, 2012 in Release 9.2,System Manager

One important control function introduced to Online is the ability to completely restrict the access to the system to all users.  This essentially gives a System Administrator the ability to prevent OA users using the system for a period by stopping people logging in.  The reasons to do this can be many and varied but here’s some examples:

  • System Maintenance
  • End of Month Processing
  • Critical Stock Take
  • Historical Lookup/Reporting system only

No matter that the reason, all the System Administrator now has to do is fill in the details of the screen below to set a time period to stop users accessing Online Advantage:

Scr_16 2012-02-29

Not only can the system be blocked out indefinitely using the above method, but the System Administrator can also setup a “Login Announcement” as a way of telling all users about a system change or system shutdown period.  The beauty of this Login Announcement is that it can be created well ahead of the time that it will appear.  A “block” of the system can also be set so users cannot login during a specified period.  As you will see below the period for the announcement and the block to prevent login can be set as both a date range and specific start and end times:

Scr_17 2012-02-29

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