8.1 Major Improvement to Search & Input Tools

November 1, 2011 in Release 8.1

With some reworking of the standard search tool on OA we have been able to facilitate a partial lookup function for any prompt in the system that is requesting input of some pre-determined code – note this includes Customer Numbers, Supplier Numbers, Product Numbers, Chart of Account Codes etc. So literally through OA we now have the ability for a user to put in part of a code at the prompt and the system will do an automatic search for any matching codes. If only one match is found the system will assume that is the correct entry and the user need do no more. However if more than one result is returned then the system will display these results and allow the user to select the result they were looking for.

We also introduced one small but very important change to the way all the prompts in OA work. You will find that when you now move from prompt to prompt, the contents of the prompt (as in the value it is set to) will be highlighted. Thus, if your intent is to replace the existing value with a new value (as in overtype) then you just need to type the new value. If you want to edit the existing value, then all you need to do is use the arrow keys to position yourself before typing/changing the value. This is a discreet change that can save hours of data entry time because it speeds up the process of replacing a value during data entry which is the most common form of data entry.

Note there is no setup required to these functions, they just work everywhere now, across the board.

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