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July 15, 2015 in Order Management


Some EDI partners require that a third party EDI scan packing system is employed by their suppliers. This normally means that the picking and packing of an EDI takes place “outside” of the Online system. In these situations the partner is normally sent an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) of the items despatch for an order. This procedure is used to import ASN data from (an outside source) and compare it to Online Advantage order that has previously been imported from the EDI system, for verification purposes. Online will replace the details of the original Order received from EDI with the ASN details since that is a true and more accurate record of what has been sent to the partner/customer. The ASN details will then be used to create the Invoice and transactions on the Online system.

The file will contain Header, Detail and Summary information in a pre-determined format, which may vary depending on the third party product being used. The individual data fields are delimited by a pre-determined separator character.

Data Input


Step 1 – Run Number

Run Number

Select an existing Run Number to access the EDI order details for the order run that relates to this ASN data.
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Step 2 – Data Source

Source File

Select the source file of the ASN order data you wish to upload.

Separator Character

Input the separator character used in the source file. The character pipe (‘|’) is set as a default.
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