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This procedure is used to add or change the details of a postcode. Postcodes are used in addresses. It is not mandatory to set up postcodes – it really depends on whether you want to validate postcodes when entering addresses for a particular country.

Postcodes can be useful as a selection criteria in reporting and data exports. Since there are often thousands of postcodes for a country, you may want to download postcodes from the countries postal service web site, and upload them to OA. Then use this procedure to maintain postcode information on an on-going basis. If the post code list for a particular country is not already available you should talk to us about the time require to upload the list for you to save you having to key in every code.

Data Input


Step 1 – Country

Country Code

Select an existing country code. Only active country codes are shown.
For details on the use of “codes”, see The Role of “Codes” in Online Advantage
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Step 2 – Postcode


Enter a new, unique postcode.
You may select an existing postcode for editing.
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Step 3 – Localities


Select the state of the postcode. The list of ‘states’ is entered on the country.

Locality Name

Enter the locality name of the postcode and click Add to add it to the list.

Step 4 – Carrier Areas


Select the Carrier you want to record a delivery Area for. The Carrier Areas are enter in the form of a list per postcode.


Enter the area identifier used for the nominated carrier and click ‘Add’ to have it appear on the list.

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